Good Food Recommendation by Ramesh Jain

Food is the most important source of joy and health for every individual. However, every person enjoys different food, and her body does not necessarily like the food she enjoys. Despite all advances in technology and social consciousness, there are two important challenging problems related to food that must be solved.
Food for health and food for enjoyment are not the same and making a compromise is very difficult for most people. Much has been written and researched about how to make food tastier and how to eat healthier.
However, every person is different in her taste and enjoyment of food and her body is different in responding to different ingredients in food items. Ideally, food should be customized for each person based on her individual food model. We believe that the technology is now ready to address this important challenge. In this presentation, we will discuss how to create personal food models and build digital food atlas and use these in recommending food that is both enjoyable and healthy. It is now within the realm of computer science and technology to help us select food that will help us enjoy it and keep us healthy.

16 Aug 2021

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