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Rostami, Ali; Nagesh, Nitish; Rahmani, Amir; Jain, Ramesh

World Food Atlas for Food Navigation Proceeding Forthcoming


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Mousavi, Zahra; Simon, Katharine; Rivera, Alex; Yunusova, Asal; Hu, Sirui; Labbaf, Sina; Jafarlou, Salar; Dutt, Nikil; Jain, Ramesh; Rahmani, Amir M.; Borelli, Jessica

Sleep Patterns and Affect Dynamics Among College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Intensive Longitudinal Study Journal Article

In: JMIR Formative Research, 6 (8), pp. e33964, 2022, ISSN: 2561-326X.

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Montgomery, Robert M; Brandysky, Lamar; Neary, Martha; Eikey, Elizabeth; Mark, Gloria; Schneider, Margaret; Stadnick, Nicole A; Zheng, Kai; Mukamel, Dana B; Sorkin, Dara H; others,

Curating the Digital Mental Health Landscape With a Guide to Behavioral Health Apps: A County-Driven Resource Journal Article

In: Psychiatric Services, pp. appi–ps, 2021.

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Sorkin, Dara H; Janio, Emily A; Eikey, Elizabeth V; Schneider, Margaret; Davis, Katelyn; Schueller, Stephen M; Stadnick, Nicole A; Zheng, Kai; Neary, Martha; Safani, David; others,

Rise in use of digital mental health tools and Technologies in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic: survey study Journal Article

In: Journal of medical Internet research, 23 (4), pp. e26994, 2021.

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Borghouts, Judith; Eikey, Elizabeth; Mark, Gloria; Leon, Cinthia De; Schueller, Stephen M; Schneider, Margaret; Stadnick, Nicole; Zheng, Kai; Mukamel, Dana; Sorkin, Dara H

Barriers to and facilitators of user engagement with digital mental health interventions: systematic review Journal Article

In: Journal of medical Internet research, 23 (3), pp. e24387, 2021.

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Woodworth, Amanda; Schneider, Margaret

Critical Evaluation of the Case for Pausing California's School-based Fitness Testing Journal Article

In: Health behavior and policy review, 8 (2), pp. 168–183, 2021.

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Kramarz, Teresa; Park, Susan; Johnson, Craig

Governing the dark side of renewable energy: A typology of global displacements Journal Article

In: Energy Research & Social Science, 74 , pp. 101902, 2021.

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Donyanavard, Bryan; Rahmani, Amir M; Jantsch, Axel; Mutlu, Onur; Dutt, Nikil

Intelligent management of mobile systems through computational self-awareness Incollection

In: Handbook of Research on Methodologies and Applications of Supercomputing, pp. 41–73, IGI Global, 2021.

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Donyanavard, Bryan; Mück, Tiago; Moazzemi, Kasra; Maity, Biswadip; Melo, Caio Batista; Stewart, Kenneth; Yi, Saehanseul; Rahmani, Amir M; Dutt, Nikil

Reflecting on Self-Aware Systems-on-Chip Incollection

In: A Journey of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems, pp. 79–95, Springer, Cham, 2021.

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Monazzah, Amir Mahdi Hosseini; Rahmani, Amir M; Miele, Antonio; Dutt, Nikil

Exploiting Memory Resilience for Emerging Technologies: An Energy-Aware Resilience Exemplar for STT-RAM Memories Journal Article

In: Dependable Embedded Systems, pp. 505, 2021.

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Kerr, Margaret L; Rasmussen, Hannah F; Smiley, Patricia A; Buttitta, Katherine V; Borelli, Jessica L

The development of toddlers’ emotion regulation within the family system: associations with observed parent-child synchrony and interparental relationship satisfaction Journal Article

In: Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 57 , pp. 215–227, 2021.

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Bizzi, Fabiola; Charpentier-Mora, Simone; Cavanna, Donatella; Borelli, Jessica L; Ensink, Karin

Testing Children’s Mentalizing in Middle Childhood: Adopting the Child and Adolescent Reflective Functioning Scale with Clinical and Community Children Journal Article

In: Journal of Child and Family Studies, pp. 1–14, 2021.

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Borelli, Jessica L; Cervantes, Breana R; Hecht, Hannah K; Marquez, Christina M; DePrado, Rosy; Torres, Gina; Robles, Araceli; Chirinos, Noraima; Leal, Francisca; Montiel, Gloria Itzel; others,

Barreras y Soluciones: Lessons learned from integrating research-based clinical techniques into a community agency serving low-income Latinx immigrant families Journal Article

In: Family Process, 2021.

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Bate, Jordan; Pham, Phoebe T; Borelli, Jessica L

Be My Safe Haven: Parent--Child Relationships and Emotional Health During COVID-19 Journal Article

In: Journal of pediatric psychology, 46 (6), pp. 624–634, 2021.

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Pereira, Ariel S; Azhari, Atiqah; Hong, Chloe A; Gaskin, Gerin E; Borelli, Jessica L; Esposito, Gianluca

Savouring as an Intervention to Decrease Negative Affect in Anxious Mothers of Children with Autism and Neurotypical Children Journal Article

In: Brain Sciences, 11 (5), pp. 652, 2021.

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Gruber, June; Mendle, Jane; Lindquist, Kristen A; Schmader, Toni; Clark, Lee Anna; Bliss-Moreau, Eliza; Akinola, Modupe; Atlas, Lauren; Barch, Deanna M; Barrett, Lisa Feldman; others,

The future of women in psychological science Journal Article

In: Perspectives on Psychological Science, 16 (3), pp. 483–516, 2021.

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Borelli, Jessica L; Gaskin, Gerin; Smiley, Patricia; Chung, Debbie; Shahar, Ben; Bosmans, Guy

Multisystem physiological reactivity during help-seeking for attachment needs in school-aged children: differences as a function of attachment Journal Article

In: Attachment & Human Development, pp. 1–15, 2021.

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Yunusova, Asal; Lai, Jocelyn; Rivera, Alexander P; Hu, Sirui; Labbaf, Sina; Rahmani, Amir M; Dutt, Nikil; Jain, Ramesh C; Borelli, Jessica L

Assessing the Mental Health of Emerging Adults Through a Mental Health App: Protocol for a Prospective Pilot Study Journal Article

In: JMIR Research Protocols, 10 (3), pp. e25775, 2021.

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Huang, Yong; Pinto, Melissa D; Borelli, Jessica L; Mehrabadi, Milad Asgari; Abrihim, Heather; Dutt, Nikil; Lambert, Natalie; Nurmi, Erika L; Chakraborty, Rana; Rahmani, Amir M; others,

COVID symptoms, symptom clusters, and predictors for becoming a long-hauler: looking for clarity in the haze of the pandemic Journal Article

In: 2021.

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Lai, Jocelyn; Rahmani, Amir; Yunusova, Asal; Rivera, Alexander P; Labbaf, Sina; Hu, Sirui; Dutt, Nikil; Jain, Ramesh; Borelli, Jessica L; others,

Using Multimodal Assessments to Capture Personalized Contexts of College Student Well-being in 2020: Case Study Journal Article

In: JMIR formative research, 5 (5), pp. e26186, 2021.

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