- 4 Oct 2021

mHealth for behavioral intervention in older and vulnerable population

mHealth for behavioral intervention in older and vulnerable population.
Oleg Zaslavsky
Associate Professor,
School of Nursing,
University of Washington

- 28 Sep 2021


provide the researchers with a platform to design a human study or for
the health providers to design study trial for their participants or patients.

- 23 Sep 2021

A Panel on:Ashoka Lecture Series on Interdisciplinary Research

Food is the most important source of happiness and health for every individual as well as for the planet earth. Human food requirements are a major factor in planetary health through agriculture, food preparation, preservation, distribution, and even food waste management.

- 9 Sep 2021

Personalized User Modelling for Context-Aware Lifestyle Recommendations to Improve Sleep

In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Health Recommender Systems co-located with 14th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems

- 22 Aug 2021

A Panel on: Knowing what is OK: Recruiting participants for clinical research at UCI

Large Topics :
Leveraging campus-based databases to recruit, Partnering with physicians to recruit, Partnering with community organizations to recruit, Staying compliant with regulations while doing all of the above

- 16 Aug 2021

Good Food Recommendation by Ramesh Jain

Food is the most important source of joy and health for every individual. However, every person enjoys different food, and her body does not necessarily like the food she enjoys. Despite all advances in technology and social consciousness, there are two i

- 5 Feb 2021

Keynote Session I ICIS’21 JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur

Ramesh Jain is an entrepreneur, researcher, and educator. He is a Donald Bren Professor in Information & Computer Sciences at University of California.


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