Oracle acquires Cerner for $28.3B

January 3, 2022

Oracle announces that the company will expand its global footprint since it invests big in healthcare. Oracle Corporation will acquire Cerner Corporation for $95 per share in an all-cash deal 1.

Larry Ellison – the Oracle’s co-founder, chairman, and CTO – announced that “Oracle’s corporate mission expands to assume the responsibility to provide our overworked medical professionals with a new generation of easier-to-use digital tools that enable access to information via a hands-free voice interface to secure cloud applications.” He also noted that “working together, Cerner and Oracle have the capacity to transform healthcare delivery by providing medical professionals with better information – enabling them to make better treatment decisions resulting in better patient outcomes.”

Dr. David Feinberg – Cerner’s CEO – said that “Cerner has been a leader in helping digitize medical care and now it’s time to realize the real promise of that work with the care delivery tools that get information to the right caregivers at the right time.” He also added that the companies have “an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate our work modernizing electronic health records, improving the caregiver experience, and enabling more connected, high-quality and efficient patient care.”

There are great opportunities to expand cloud and artificial intelligence applications for Cerner’s healthcare clients, said the two corporations. According to a recent study, physicians spend 1-2 hours on documentation and electronic health records (EHR) for every hour spent with patients. The oracle’s cloud resources will considerably reduce the time that health provides spend on electronic systems, so the health provides can devote more time on patients’ care.

Mike Sicilia – executive VP of vertical industries at Oracle – noted that “Oracle’s Autonomous Database, low-code development tools, and Voice Digital Assistant user interface (allow) us to rapidly modernize Cerner’s systems and move them to our Gen2 Cloud.” He also added that “this can be done very quickly because Cerner’s largest business and most important clinical system already runs on the Oracle Database. No change (is) required there. What will change is the user interface. We will make Cerner’s systems much easier to learn and use by making Oracle’s hands-free Voice Digital Assistant the primary interface to Cerner’s clinical systems.”


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