Healthcare - 6 Jan 2022

Artificial intelligence predicts who will develop dementia in two years

AI can predict if people develop dementia within two years. The prediction accuracy is 92 percent, obtained in a largescale study conducted on more than 15,400 patients in the U.S.

Healthcare - 3 Jan 2022

Oracle acquires Cerner for $28.3B

Oracle announces that the company will expand its global footprint since it invests big in healthcare. Oracle Corporation will acquire Cerner Corporation for $95 per share in an all-cash deal.

Healthcare - 14 Dec 2021

Alexa Together, a subscription-based service, by Amazon

Amazon has officially launched Alexa Together, a subscription-based service, to offer remote health and wellbeing support to the elderly.

Healthcare - 6 Oct 2021

UCI and Syntropy Announce Five-Year Strategic Partnership to Improve Patient Care Through Unprecedented Data Integration

Academic partnership aims to empower researchers to drive scientific innovation through revolutionary utilization of health data

- 22 Sep 2021

The Present and Future of Wearable Devices in Physical Activity Research

Wearable devices that track physical activity are becoming increasingly pervasive in society today.
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Healthcare - 13 Sep 2021

Grace The Humanoid Robot Healthcare Assistant & SingularityNET

The Awakening Health fusion of biomedical knowledge, AI, and robotics is poised to drive the massive advent of healthcare robots to transform the medical arena and generate millions of API calls for SingularityNET.

Healthcare - 4 Aug 2021

Wearable tech can spot coronavirus symptoms before you even realize you’re sick

Researchers say the constant stream of data from Oura rings, Fitbits and Apple Watches could eventually be used as a coronavirus early-warning system

Healthcare - 16 Jul 2021

HCA Healthcare, a hospital system based in Nashville, recently announced a data-sharing deal with Google

Health care systems and providers must do all they can to properly inform patients of the benefits and risks of enrolling in data sharing.

Healthcare - 4 Jul 2021

What universal healthcare should look like

The struggle to cover every American may continue for decades — and we need to think differently about cheap health tech and prevention first.

by Chris Taylor

Healthcare - 2 Jul 2021

Collection of papers on Real-World Evidence from the National Academies workshop series

Our 4 paper series on real-world evidence now linked on one page at the National Academies of Sciences. Onward to better evidence for decisions. says Dr. Jonathan H. Watanabe

Healthcare - 21 Jun 2021

The hospital room of the future: 5 innovation execs outline what to expect in next 5 years

Digital health and tech adoption have skyrocketed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many hospitals and health systems adopting technologies that support remote patient monitoring, two-way video communications and more.

- 14 Jun 2021

Datavant and Ciox Health Announce Merger, Creating the Largest Neutral and Secure Health Data Ecosystem

Combined company positioned to solve the challenge of health data fragmentation
Joint technology solution enhances patient privacy and health care efficiency
Company to be named Datavant, with revenue of more than $700 million

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