A Panel on:

Recruiting participants for clinical research at UCI

Large Topics :

  1. Leveraging campus-based databases to recruit
  2. Partnering with physicians to recruit
  3. Partnering with community organizations to recruit
  4. Staying compliant with regulations while doing all of the above

Sample questions we will address

“So I got this list of people who meet my inclusion criteria from the Honest Broker—now what”?
“If I partner with a UCIMC physician, can I screen their patient schedule for potential research participants?”
“Am I allowed to view records in EPIC once I have my list of eligible patients?”
“I just want to collect app usability information from a small sample of people with prediabetes; can I recruit through UCIMC?”


Kai Zheng, PhD
Professor, Departments of Informatics & Emergency Medicine. Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics, Institute for Clinical & Translational science

Christine Hui, MPH
Chief Administrative Officer, Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Mary Alexander, CHRC, CHPC, CIP
Research Compliance Officer, UCI Health Compliance & Privacy Office

Chair Men :

Amir Rahmani Associate
Associate Director, UCI Institute for Future
Health (IFH)

Michael Hoyt Associate
Associate Director, Institute for Clinical and
Translational Science

Margaret Schneider Associate
Associate Director and Director of
Evaluation and Pilot Studies, ICTS

Recruiting participants for clinical research at UCI


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