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Data-Driven Health: AI, Sensors & Your Smartphone


Health is the most important aspect for each human, yet traditionally, it has been approached without placing humans at the center. Data-driven health is emerging as a transformative force to amend this. In the recent wave of technological advancement, data-driven health stands at the forefront, catalyzing a revolution in managing chronic, mental, and geriatric health through AI and sensor integration. Leveraging advancements in natural language processing and multimodal experiential and empathetic algorithms, it offers continuous, personalized health insights and guidance. This approach counters prevailing disinformation by providing accessible, trustworthy information and considers genetic, lifestyle, environmental, and psychological factors, empowering individuals towards proactive health management. The synergy of computing advancements, sensor technologies, and breakthroughs in health sciences, augmented by Generative AI’s capabilities for creating conversational health agents, brings the implementation of such transformative systems within our grasp. Data-driven health heralds a future of personalized, trusted, and empathetic healthcare, poised to make significant contributions to global health and well-being. In this presentation, we will explore ideas and early progress in empowering people with health knowledge, health guidance whenever and wherever needed, and empathetic approaches for helping sick individuals.

Data-Driven Health: AI, Sensors & Your Smartphone
  • Presents by: Prof. Ramesh Jain
  • Location: Will be Hybrid:
    • Inria, le Grand Amphi - Inovallée - 655 Avenue de l’Europe, Montbonnot
    • Via Zoom
  • Date: Apr 16, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 am CET


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