Loneliness and College Students’ Health

College students have been particularly negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, due to social isolation causing loneliness. Targeted behavioral strategies grounded in psychological theory, such Relational Savoring (RS), can prevent loneliness before it develops into a more serious health problem. Mental Health Navigator (MHN) is a no in-person contact, digital, closed loop approach used to assess health and emotion, and offer an an app-based delivery (i.e., mSavorUs) for remote RS intervention to reduce feelings of loneliness and increase social connectedness. This study is designed to examine the benefits of social connectedness on health to college students, by randomly placing participants to receive mSavorUs once-a-day for 4-weeks, or only be monitored for 4-weeks, and outcomes are measured at +0 and and +3-months post-intervention.


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Project information

  • Category: Health State Estimation, Lifestyle Recommendation, and Personal Health Models
  • Contact Person: Amir M. Rahmani
  • Loneliness and College Students’ Health


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