Food Computing

Food determines the quality of life. Food is not only a major source of energy and nutrients essential for health but is also the most important source of personal enjoyment and social glue. Interestingly, what a person enjoys eating is not necessarily related to what her body is happy to see him/her eat. This is evident from the large increase in diet-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. People working on improving enjoyment have largely ignored the sustenance and vice versa.

Food computing applies computational approaches for addressing issues in health, biology, gastronomy, food processing, food distribution, and agronomy. This exhaustive and inclusive approach to food computing will help understand different aspects of the food ecosystem and relationship among them from the overall food perspective.


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Project information

  • Category: Health State Estimation, Lifestyle Recommendation, and Personal Health Models
  • Contact Person: Ramesh Jain
  • Partners: Kaloric, Lancaster University, NUS - National University of Singapore, and Simula Research Laboratory
  • Food Computing

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