Developing estimation techniques for determining health states

Current Healthcare systems are focused on diseases, not health. We adopt and build on the perspective that a body is characterized by its health state. Disease is just a name give to an undesirable health state. This perspective is essential for chronic diseases where health state is slowly building up to the emergency situation. If we can track health state using inexpensive, maybe low precision but continuous sensors then we can understand deteriorating health state much before the emergency situation. Moreover, one can aspire to have a better health state as a goal to improve their quality of life. Health state is then use to provide correct lifestyle and medication (if needed) guidance to people to guide in achieving their health goals.

We are actively working on developing estimation techniques for determining health states.


– Nitish Nag, Health State Estimation. CoRR abs/2003.09312 (2020)
– Vaibhav Pandey, Nitish Nag, Ramesh C. Jain, Continuous Health Interface Event Retrieval. CoRR abs/2004.07716 (2020)

Project information

  • Category: Health State Estimation
  • Contact Person: Ramesh Jain
  • Developing estimation techniques for determining health states

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