There are many ways to get involved in building the IFH vision of future heath. If you would like to work with IFH in any of the following areas, email for more information.

Research Partnerships
If you or your company want collaborate on research with IFH, we are currently forming research partnerships in the following areas:

  • Collecting data streams to observe people’s health conditions,
  • building personal models,
  • estimating health states,
  • aggregating and managing the latest health knowledge,
  • building recommendation and guidance systems,
  • developing influence systems,
  • developing compliance systems and
  • creating applications that target specific chronic medical conditions.

Entrepreneurial Partnerships
We are also forming entrepreneurial partnerships to assist with the following:

  • licensing specific technology,
  • using the Personal Health Navigator (PHN) platform,
  • using IFH data resources and
  • participating in building advanced technology.

Learning Opportunities
If you are interested in learning more about IFH and its vision, we plan to offer the following:access to state-of-the-art technology repositories,

  • seminars in computer science, engineering and medicine,
  • tutorials and short industry courses.

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