IFH’s Research on COVID-19 enabled by UC CORDS

October 8, 2022

UC CORDS, the University of California COVID research data set, is one of the nation’s first COVID-19-focused sets of real-time data from patient encounters1. UC CORDS – HIPAA-compliant limited data set – includes anonymized data collected from patients’ electronic health records across the five main academic health centers that UC operates. The data set accelerates COVID-19 research, providing insights crucial to fighting COVID-19 and understanding the virus, its risk, and outcomes for diverse populations.

IFH has had a significant contribution to COVID research using US CORDS. Our researchers studied the impact of COVID-19 on diverse populations resulting in multiple peer-reviewed publications. Using UC CORDS, Prof. Watanabe’s team has assessed the relationship between age and hospitalization among high-risk patients2. A group of IFH members, led by Prof. Rahmani, also pioneered investigating COVID-19 symptoms using individuals’ heart rate and blood pressure data3,4,5,6. The team continues working on new research topics: to, for example, assess gender differences in vaccination rates and their impacts.


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IFH’s Research on COVID-19 enabled by UC CORDS


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