IFH has joined ISO to standardize “Personalized Health Navigation”

November 7, 2021

IFH is now officially listed as a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 215 Working Group (WG) 11.

The U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) serve as the national mirror committees in relation to ISO TC and represent national interests on health information technology and health informatics standards at ISO. The U.S. TAGs coordinate national standards activities for existing and emerging health sectors through ISO/TC 215. The scope of ISO/TC 215 is standardization in the field of health informatics, to facilitate capture, interchange, and use of health-related data, information, and knowledge to support and enable all aspects of the health system. The existing WG under Health Informatics are, for example, “Architecture, Frameworks, and Models,” “Security, Safety, and Privacy,” and “Traditional Medicines.” More detail can be found here.

We are excited to announce that IFH -along with other partners such as CDC, FDA, Pfizer Inc, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, and HL7 International– has joined a new WG (WG 11) on “Personalized Digital Health.” As one of the key projects under this WG, IFH is contributing to a new standard on Personalized Health Navigation.

IFH has joined ISO to standardize “Personalized Health Navigation”
International Organization for Standardization, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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