IFH and Stanford Health Care have partnered with HealthUnity

August 19, 2022

Together with Stanford Health Care, IFH is proud to be closely working with HealthUnity to empower personal and societal health.

HealthUnity, as a non-profit organization, will build an open consortium to enable insights and knowledge on personal and societal health and wellbeing. It creates community and approaches for people who are at most risk. In addition, HealthUnity aims to bridge the gap between different communities and empower scientists and researchers by collecting personal health data, performing data cleaning / anonymization, and making them available.

IFH team is already closely working with HealthUnity in food-logging, world food atlas, and Personicle-related technology. IFH continues to advance their development of open source software to help HealthUnity and other people who are interested in empowering health. IFH and HealthUnity are very synergistic and are building on combining their strengths to make exciting things happen.




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