In the Media: Dr. Melissa Pinto discusses Long COVID

July 29, 2021

Our IFH member associate professor of nursing, Dr. Melissa Pinto has been working consistently for a year researching, documenting and defining emergency long Covid patients here in Orange County and his advocated for the establishment of local and national clinics to capture those patients stories that will lead to a clear understanding of this long Covid syndrome.

Meslia Pinto agrees with Dr. Nguyen of the Tustin Covid clinic that this understanding begins by listening to the patients themselves and the careful accounting of their stories.

In the absence of a clear medical solution to the lingering tail of long Covid patients, documenting and managing the myriad of patient symptoms is the best practice available at this time. No one is better positioned to do that then the doctors and especially the nurses at the hospital and in the emerging clinical settings today, says veteran nurse and nursing professor Dr. Meslia Pinto.

Long COVID – The Walking Wounded

In the Media: Dr. Melissa Pinto discusses Long COVID

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