The existing IFH unit provides the following support for faculty, postdocs, and students:
  • Infrastructure and administrative support for interdisciplinary, collaborative projects, particularly with the focus of living labs
  • Communications and outreach including a blog, newsletter, book series, report series, social media outreach, and an annual conference.
  • Connections to communities, hospitals, and tech development through the IFH network of researchers
As a PrORU, the IFH will expand the base of participating faculty, students, and researchers, and bring additional value to the campus in the following ways:
  • New projects and collaborations that span different schools. Regular meetings will grow awareness of related research and research interests, and foster interdisciplinary, cross­-campus collaboration. This will give faculty and students new opportunities to collaborate on interdisciplinary, impactful scholarship connected to the life of communities.
  • Increased multi­-investigator extramural funding. A significant focus of director’s and associate director’s time will be devoted to fundraising through private donors and foundations. A specialized IFH grant administration staff will support the development and administration of multi­-investigator grants.
  • A hub for research-­practice partnerships. PrORU status will help expand partnerships with health and technology firms, develop partnerships in the OC region, as well as facilitate collaboration between faculty across and between various partner sites.
Specific activities and support will include:
  • Meetings and events
  • Monthly faculty steering committee meetings for governance and organizing of the IFH, including event organizing, strategy, project reviews, space, and hiring decisions
  • Monthly working “IFH Dialogs” seminar series for all faculty members, research staff, and students
  • An annual faculty retreat to define broader collective goals and research problems
  • An interdisciplinary and cross-­school graduate seminar and speaker series exploring topics in health technology
  • An annual IFH Summit, a national event of 300-­500 researchers and practitioners that builds broader partnerships and networks
  • Infrastructure and administrative support
  • IT and IoT infrastructure and intelligence to enable patient monitoring and intervention in everyday settings and personal model building
  • Shared online tools and infrastructure including a grant database, slack channel, and research and grant instruments
  • Facilitation of fundraising relationships to private donors and foundations
  • Administrative support for collaborative grant writing and post-­award administration
  • Communications support for public and partner outreach

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